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Hi, I'm Trudy Johnson!

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I specialize in teaching people how to overcome adversity, gain new perspectives, create a new story, solve problems, identify self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors, and exercise self-mastery principles and techniques.

Other titles that might resonate with you would be: Life Empowerment Coach, Spiritual Health Coach, Transformational Coach, Thought Coach, or Happiness Coach. If this is what you're hoping to achieve, then I might be the right coach for you.

I am a wife and mother of four wonderful human beings, three darling grandchildren, and one crazy little dog. They have been my greatest teachers and represent the best parts of me. Our lives have been filled with highs, lows, and everything in between, and it has been a meaningful journey."


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Why Life Coaching?


A coach can help you define your core values, determine what you really want, create a vision for your future, and set goals that are in alignment with your values and vision.


A coach can identify obstacles and hidden saboteurs, guide you in releasing or overcoming them, help you see options and possibilities, and assist you in strategizing.


A coach can empower you with knowledge, inspire you to take action, motivate you to stretch and grow, encourage you to stay the course, and celebrate your wins.


A coach can empower you to take ownership of your life, instill confidence in your abilities, help you overcome self-doubt, provide helpful feedback, and monitor your progress.